COVID testing at the school

Rapid Coronavirus Testing at the School - Lateral Flow Testing

We are advised by the DfE and PHE to continue with the lateral flow tests for all students and staff who come on site.

The national data suggests that 1 in 3 cases are asymptomatic, which is why the programme is being introduced. This programme will begin in DWHS from 11th of January, no student will self-test without a consent form. If your child is attending school we will ensure that you will be provided with a consent form in advance. Thank you for all that you do to support the education of your children at this very challenging time, please take very good care of yourselves and your families. I will write again when we have more information concerning the public examinations. Stay well and stay safe

Ms R Walsh, Headteacher

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year 10 Parent survey
After reading this letter please complete the survey at the bottom of the page
Dear parents and carers of year 10,
We hope you are safe and well. You may have heard in the media of the plans for year 10 to return to school in some capacity from the 15th June. We would like to set out here how we plan to have some time limited time with each student in the safest possible way.
What are we offering our students?
We would like to see every year 10 student for a 30 minute 1-1 slot with a teacher. The aim of this is to check in with the student, offer academic mentoring and support with their GCSE studies and act as a bridge between the student and their teachers, offering feedback from teachers and requests for support from students. Each student will be offered two slots before the summer holidays.
How are we maintaining safety?
This route has been designed to minimise contact with others as much as possible. Each student’s slot will be at 10 minute intervals so we don’t have more than one student arriving at school at a time. Each teacher will only be meeting a maximum of four students so as to minimise contact. The adult and student will maintain social distancing. Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Each student will wash hands on entering and exiting the school building.
What can you do to help ensure safety?
Where possible ensure your child walks, cycles or is dropped to school in a car, rather than using public transport. If your child wears gloves on the journey to school we will ask them to remove them upon entering the building, so as not to transfer anything from the gloves into the school building. Ensure your child arrives on time for their slot and doesn’t travel to or from school with friends. If your child or someone at home has symptoms of coronavirus do not send them to school. If your child has symptoms they should self-isolate for 7 days and not come to school. If someone else in the household has symptoms, everyone else should self-isolate for 14 days and so your child  come to school.
What are the next steps?
Please confirm that your student will attend their specific mentoring slot. If you have any concerns or queries please contact Mr Ramsland to discuss further on