Year 6 Transition

We are delighted  to welcome you to  Dormers Wells High School. 


We fully understand that this is a stressful and worrying time for you.  The situation we are in is unprecedented and we  want  to  reassure you that  Dormers Wells High School is  fully committed to ensuring that you have the exciting induction experience that you deserve. 

We will update this page regularly with transition information and resources.


Best wishes, 

DWHS staff

On my first day at Dormers Wells High School, I was a bit nervous since it was a new setting and an entirely different place in general. However on the other hand, I was also quite excited since there were new people to meet and make friends with and also subjects were taught with more depth. For example, in primary I enjoyed history but wasn’t taught much of it, yet in high school I could learn so much more about it. However, the prospect of making new friends was still daunting because I’m quite introverted. Dormers Wells High School made me feel welcome; on our first day we had a range of different tasks to let us know our classmates- which helped me make a lot of new friends. They also gave us a tour of the high school, to make sure we didn’t get lost when we had to navigate on our own. At Dormers Wells, I had so much positive experiences in my first week. In every subject, the teachers were extremely welcoming and reassuring and assemblies provided us with knowledge that was vital to us first-comers. Now that I’ve attended Dormers Wells High School for almost a year, there are a lot of things that I like about it. Overall, it is extremely organised and we are pushed to achieve our maximum ability and strive for the best. We are also given weekly positive recognition and end of term awards for our good work. Furthermore, there are also a vast range of clubs that you can attend.



On my first day at Dormers Wells High School, I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach! Despite being thrilled and excited for the start of school, I also felt extremely nervous and apprehensive, since I wasn’t sure if I would make many new friends, and because I thought I would get lost in the large building. However, instead of being left out, I felt welcome to Dormers Wells High School: The wonderful staff of this school were exceptionally kind and generous, and guided me and other students through the building –allowing us to familiarize with the school. Surprisingly, I made many friends in my first week at Dormers Wells, and I had adapted to the friendly school environment very quickly. In addition, my teachers had taught me so much in just a few days, and were – and have always been – affectionate, kind-hearted and helpful. Looking back to when I first came to Dormers Wells High School, I have changed so much, not only as a student, but as a human being. I have learnt so much in just a single year, achieved so much in just a single year, and I cannot thank this awesome school enough for everything it has given me! Overall, I am proud to be a student of Dormers Wells High School!



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